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Want to see how easy it is to post an item on Collectivator? Check out the step by step tutorial video on our Getting Started page. Our simple listing procedure will have you posting in minutes, and you can add or edit your posts whenever you want. No fuss, no hidden costs, and no computer expertise required.

About Collectivator:

Collectivator is the result of one ambitious computer nerd (Anson Y. Chan, P.Eng.), one copy and design wiz (Cassandra Ross), and one well-established antiques dealer (Phillip Ross), collaborating to create a site that promotes the collecting, buying and selling of antiques and vintage items. It all started when Phil wanted to sell stock from his antiques shop on the internet without a website designer, expensive software, or lots of technical knowledge. Enter Anson Chan who had spent over seven years working with some of the largest retailers in North America as a web commerce expert at IBM. They started by designing a simple system that allowed Phil to easily post and edit items for sale, and honed the system through several iterations over the period of several years, before deciding to share this system with others. Together the Collectivator team has worked through a lot to get to this point, and the journey is just beginning! As we grow we look forward to collaborating with all our users and patrons to make Collectivator the major online destination for the promotion of quality antiques, vintage and art.

About Us:

IMG_4585Cassandra Ross - Managing Director
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Hello! My name is Cassandra and it is my pleasure to be the Managing Director of Collectivator. I am very proud to help promote a group of high quality, educated sellers offering some of the best antiques and vintage on the internet.

I was raised in the antiques trade with parents who were full time antique dealers. I spent a good portion of my childhood driving through Ontario and Quebec to search old barns and stores packed floor to ceiling with great old stuff. It's no wonder that even on the internet I ended up surrounded by antiques!

My particular areas of interest are Canadian folk art, antique country furniture, McCoy and Vernonware pottery, vintage RCMP, and linens. I like my home to have colour, comfort, and personality. In my spare time I am an avid reader, fledgling gardener, and pop culture nerd. I also write a blog called The New Collector about antiques, vintage, and the joy of collecting.