Zegers Antiques & 20th Century Design

Welcome to Andrew Zegers Antiques & Design, CADA member, offering good design & period antiques circa 1770 - 1970

I've been buying and selling as a full-time antique dealer since 1982, and am a member of CADA (the Canadian Antique Dealers Association). My career in antiques has included two store fronts, owner/manager of auction companies, promoter of Flamboro Antique Shows, appraiser on The Canadian Antiques Roadshow (CBC TV), host of Extreme Collectors (SLICE TV), and regular appearances on the Marilyn Dennis Show as an antiques expert.

What I try to offer my clients is good design from the past 200 years. I like functionality, but also have a deep appreciation for the pleasure derived from quality decorative arts, and objects of beauty. 

If your purchase creates fond memories of how and where you acquired it, and makes you smile when you see it your home, then it was a worthy purchase.

I am always happy to share stories and the history of all that I offer for sale, so if I can make your purchase easier in any way, please contact me, and I'll help if I can.

After 38 years, I still wake each day looking forward to the potential of finding something great.

Never stop hunting...

Andrew Zegers

Uxbridge / Toronto, Ontario

Email: zegersdesign@hotmail.com