Wendy Hamilton Antiques

 Wooden Mangling, Smoothing Board & Roller Sad Iron Horse Handle


hammiWendy Hamilton Antiques is located in Collingwood, Ontario

This item represents a very early form of ironing, without the use of heat.
The damp item to be pressed was rolled, as smooth as possible, on the roller. The smoothing board was then pushed to & fro on top of the roller until the cloth was smooth. It was then unrolled and laid flat to dry.
This board has the Norwegian Viking horse handle, a semblance of the Viking armoured horse used for a decorative handle.
The horse has been dovetailed into the handle. The board has chamfered sides and a pinwheel design lightly carved on the rounded end (see photos).
Approximate Dimensions: Roller (L) 29", Diameter 2 1/2". Board: (L) 31", (W) 4". The horse is 10" long and 5" high.
Condition: No damage or repairs.