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 Westphalian Frog Miners Mining Lamp 19th C


hammiWendy Hamilton Antiques is located in Collingwood, Ontario


This iron and brass miner's lamp was probably made in Westphalia Germany circa 1858. These lamps were exported to America from Germany.

 Most 'Frog Lamps' from Westphalia are characterized by a small lid in the top of the font. The lid is opened using a wing nut connected to a latch under the lid. Westphalia lamps have a hanging hook shaped like a question mark (Sheppard's hook). The heart shape semi-circular brass shield is marked 'GLUCK AUF' and decorated with crossed hammers. The latch handle is also heart shaped.

Glück Auf; is the traditional German miners' greeting. It describes the hope of the miners:  ("I wish you luck in opening a new lode"). The greeting also expressed the desire that miners would return safely from the mine after their shift.

Reference: Frog Lamps Wendell E Wilson p.53

Condition: As found. No damage or repairs. See photos.

Approximate Dimensions:  (L) 4”, (H) 4”.