Wendy Hamilton Antiques

 Primitive Hand-Made 19th Century Apple Peeler/Parer


hammiWendy Hamilton Antiques is located in Collingwood, Ontario

“The American Apple Parer was born in the late 1700’s and the early 1800’s as the answer to the then vital but time-consuming chore of peeling and slicing the fruit which was then dried and stored for use during the long bitter months of winter”.
This parer, like most early parers, is mostly all wood with a hand- guided paring knife.
The paring blade was held against the apple as the apple was rotated on the mounted hand forged fork using the hand crank. It has a forged iron clamp underneath to attach it to the table. Note the extra touch of chamfering the top of the wooden board.
Reference: APPLE PARERS by Don Thornton p. 1
Condition: All original, as found. Old dark brown painted wooden base.
Approximate Dimensions: Length 11”, Width 2”, and Height 3”.