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 Pair Folding Shorebird Decoys Stick Ups 'Tinnies' Circa 1870'S


hammiWendy Hamilton Antiques is located in Collingwood, Ontario

Pair Folding Shorebird Decoys  Stick Ups 'Tinnies' Circa 1870's

These decoys, known as ‘tinnies’, were made in the late 1800’s to lure shorebirds.

They were molded out of tin, the halves hinged together, and then set on sticks. No maker's marks.  Reduction of the shorebird population eventually led to their hunting being outlawed altogether in 1928. As a result of their disuse, many shorebird decoys were destroyed and so these tend to be rare. Wear is consistent with age & use. The orange and black one has been repainted at some time the other is in original paint.. The dowel has been replaced. Length 11”, Height to top of head 6”.