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 Pair Of 19th Century Saucer Candle Chambersticks With Snuffers


hammiWendy Hamilton Antiques is located in Collingwood, Ontario


Pair of tinned sheet iron saucer chambersticks with ejectors and douters (snuffers). "Next to the hogscrapers, the chamberstick was probably the most universal form of the 19th century. The shafts rest on deep saucer-shaped bases and could be carried by a ring handle. An ejector and douter (snuffer) are also provided." They both have weighted bases.

Reference: Candlesticks in America 1650-1900 J.T. Butler, plate 111

Approximate Dimensions: Height 5", Diameter 9". Snuffer 3 3/4" high.

Condition: As found, untouched. No apparent damage or repairs. See photos.