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 Painted Cast Iron Black Americana Bad Accident Mechanical Bank Circa 1891


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Painted Cast Iron Black Americana Bad Accident Mechanical Bank circa 1891

The Bad Accident was patented and designed by Bailey and manufactured by the J. & E. Stevens Company of Cromwell, Conn circa 1891. No patent dates appear on the bank itself.

To operate the bank place the coin under and between the shoes of the driver. A two part lever beside the cattail plant is pressed together. The boy darts from behind the plant and turns facing the front. Simultaneously the donkey rears back on his hind legs (as though frightened by the boy) and causes the cart to tilt up and back. The coin falls into the body of the cart and disappears. Coins may be removed from the cart body by means of a conventional type round Stevens trap in the underside of the cart.

Approximate Dimensions: length 10 1/2",  height 6 1/4",  and width 3 1/2".

Reference: The Bank Book p 71 figure 1150-A

Condition: Minor paint loss. No evidence of damage or repair. In good working order.