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 Miniature Brass Goffering Sad Iron 19th Century


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Miniature Brass Goffering Sad Iron 19th Century

This type of iron is called a goffering or fluting or tally iron or a 'shaper'. It was used in the 19th century to shape fabric into 'ruffles'  for a collar or shirt front. The slug was heated and then placed into the barrel of the iron and the fabric to be ruffled was pulled back and forth over the hot barrel.

"Their purpose was opposite the smoothing/flattening work of a sad iron and represented an important period in the history of fashion."

Reference: "Iron Talk" by Carol & Jimmy  Walker Issue 39 figure 25

Condition: As found. All original. No damage, repairs, missing or replaced parts

Approximate Dimensions: Height 2 1/2", Diameter of base 1 3/4", Slug 8" long