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SOLD  Late 19th C Painted Fox And Geese Solitaire Game On Legs With Drawer


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Late 19th C Painted Fox and Geese Solitaire Game on Legs with Drawer

The game 'Fox & Geese' has been popular for many centuries.

One player has the counter (the fox) and the other player has 13 geese. The fox can take a goose by jumping over it. Each can move along a line in any direction including the diagonal lines, but only to the next free spot.  As pieces Geese) are removed, they are dropped into one of the slots and end up in the drawer.

The player moving the geese will win if he/she can box in and prevent the fox from moving. The player moving the fox wins when he/she reduces the number of geese by so many that it is impossible to stop the fox from moving.

Painted red with red and blue indentations on the top surface for marbles. This game board is similar to the round boards for playing solitaire except that this board square & is elevated on legs.

Approximate Dimensions: 10 1/2" square, 4" high.

Condition: As found. Original condition. No evidence of damage or repairs.