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SOLD  19th Century England Iron Hogscraper Candlestick Brass Wedding Band


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19th Century England Iron Hogscarper Candlestick Brass Wedding Band

Banded candlesticks, those with either a steel or brass band  around the middle of the shaft (often referred to as 'wedding bands'), were popular from the mid 18th century up to the early 19th century. In common with most English hogscraper candlesticks, it has no maker's markings.

Approximate Dimensions: Height 8 1/4".

Condition: As found, no damage or repairs. This iron candlestick  retains its original hanging hook on the lip and the thumbscrew/ejector mechanism. The metal has suffered some rust corrosion.

References: The Hogscraper Candlestick of Birmingham by Joseph Ruggio

                      Making Fire and Light in the Home Pre 1820 by John Caspall p.165