Wooden Box With Key


WaicanWaican is located in Peterborough, Ontario
Old Wooden Box with key and working lock (8" high x 7 1/4" wide x 6 1/4" deep). Purchased from the estate auction sale of Martha Kidd in Peterborough, Ontario. Martha Ann Kidd (nee Maurer) was born October 15, 1917. She passed away last year. She married Kenneth E. Kidd in October 1943. She was a well known and respected local historian. As well, she was known for her talents as an author and artist. She is an authority on architecture, particularly the architecture of the Peterborough region. Martha Ann Kidd was a member of the Peterborough Historical Society. She had also been the chair of the Old Buildings Committee of the Peterborough Historical Society and a member of Peterborough's Local Architectural Conservation Advisory Committee and Trent University's Friends of the Bata Library. Professor Kenneth E. Kidd was born July 21, 1906 at Barrie, Ontario and was the son of D. Ferguson Kidd and Florence May Jebb. He was educated at Victoria College at the University of Toronto (B.A. 1931 and M.A. 1937). He also attended the University of Chicago from 1939 to 1940. In 1935 he joined the Ethnology Department of the Royal Ontario Museum where he worked until 1981 in various positions, starting as an assistant and ending as Curator of Ethnology. He directed the excavation at Ste. Marie I, the site of a 17th century Jesuit Mission near Midland, Ontario, which was the first excavation of a historical site using modern techniques in North America. In 1964, Kidd joined Trent University as a professor of Anthropology and in the following year he established and chaired the Native Studies Program which was the first of its kind in Canada. He retired from Trent University in 1972, and in 1973, Professor Kidd was named Professor Emeritus of Anthropology. Throughout his career, Professor Kidd was honoured with many awards. Some of these awards include the Guggenheim Memorial Fellowship, 1951-52; the Cornplanter Medal, 1970; Award for Eminent Service, Trent University, 1983; J.C. Harrington Medal, Society for Historical Archaeology, 1985. He and Martha both received Honorary Degrees at Trent University in 1990. Kenneth published "Canadians Long Ago" and with Selwyn Dewdney published "Indian Rock paintings of the Great Lakes". Professor Kenneth E. Kidd died February 26, 1994, at the age of eighty-eight in Peterborough, Ontario.
Box contained a reference card typed by Kenneth Kidd on December 20, 1992. On it he states that the box was found in his Grandmother Kidd's effects when she died. ( See Picture) Mr. Kidd was an excellent records keeper and inside the box he has written an inventory number K70. Based on other items the K stands for Kidd. No reference to the numbering system.
Someone has tried repairing the back. (See Pictures) Both sides at the back have been glued and painted with a silver paint. Also some of the joints on the lid and front are separating and could use repair. Nails heads that can be seen are square. Damage has been taken into consideration in pricing.