SOLD  Tempura Painting By G. L. Cassidy - Winter Scene


WaicanWaican is located in Peterborough, Ontario

This is a painting by Ontario artist G. L. Cassidy.  I believe it is painted with tempura paint.  Measures 10" X 6.5".  It is matted but not framed and hinged at the top of the paper. Signed G. L. Cassidy in lower right. See photos.


"George Cassidy's accomplishments could easily fill many lifetimes. He was a beloved figure in the area. A brief summary of his life cannot touch on all his accomplishments and the affect he had on those who came within his sphere.

Drawing and illustrating were early interests. An opportunity to paint with A.Y. Jackson of the Group of Seven fame influenced the style of his paintings. He came north to Cobalt as a high school teacher and fell in love with the north. He served during the war years, first as a member of the Algonquin Regiment, then from 1950 to 1954 as Commanding Officer of the Algonquin Regiment, and from 1954 to 1958 held the position of Commander of the 16 Militia Group, eventually achieving the rank of Brigadier-General. During his stint with the armed forces he was a teacher at Cobalt High School. From 1949 to 1971 he held the position of Principal of Haileybury High School, when he wrote and produced many operettas. He painted throughout his life, and was generous in contributing art work for special events and charitable activities. He authored two books, among them, "Arrow North", the history of the Temiskaming area."


I found the following article on the internet from in the Porcupine Advance, 31 Mar 1949, 1, p. 3.

"In spite of bad weather and almost impassable roads, about 50 persons attended the two-day Art School which was jointly sponsored by the Porcupine Art Club, Community Programmes, and the Timmins Community Activities Committee at the Masonic Hall on Saturday and Sunday March 26th and 27th. 

The course excellently instructed by Major G. L. Cassidy, D.S.O. of Cobalt, was conducted mostly for beginners and inexperienced artists, but also served as a splendid refresher course for experienced artists. 

In opening the school, R.E. Sturgeon, Director of Recreation, introduced Major Cassidy and spoke of his war record with the Algonquin and of his ability as an author and an artist. 

Major Cassidy not only an outstanding artist, but an excellent teacher as well, in the briefest manner possible gave the class a good grounding in basic colour, composition and technique. 

During the classes, to emphasize points of interest, Major Cassidy made a painting in tempera (show card paints) winter scene, which he kindly presented to the Porcupine Art Club at the conclusion of the school. 

Mr. E.T. Turner, president of the Porcupine Art Club, experienced the thanks of the members for his fine demonstration of tempera painting and splendid teaching. He issued an invitation to all those who were not already members of the Art Club to become members and spoke of the Wednesday night sketching classes being held at the Log Cabin. He pointed out that courses of this type are only possible if all those interested work together and mentioned that the Porcupine Art Club is planning another week-end course in the near future."