Sadie Harper Oil Painting - River Scene In Wales With Mary Biggar Peck Book


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Sarah Estelle (Sadie) Harper was born in Shediac NB. in 1875.Through out her life she kept diaries and was an amateur painter. This is one of her paintings that was recently found in a store in Ontario. It is painted in oil paint on artists board and is 8 3/4" X 12 1/4". Signed "S. E. Harper" in the lower right. The back has a piece of the original label for the Artists Board attached at the top, as well as the title, "River Scene in Wales" and a note that it is painted by S. (Sadie) Harper, Shediac, NB.. The varnish has yellowed with age and could be removed. You can see the vibrant original colours at the edges where they were protected by a frame at one time.
I am also including a signed copy of the book "A Full House and Fine Singing: Diaries and Letters of Sadie Harper Allen", (her married name). I found the book while researching the painting. The book was written by Mary Biggar Peck in 1992. The book features a selection of Sadies diary entries as selected by the author. In the book she talks about painting and teaching others to paint at various points in her life. The book also includes photographs and drawings of and by Sadie Harper.
I have copied the following information from the Archives Canada Website and the CANB, Council of Archives New Brunswick where her family information has been donated. This information helps to share some insight into the life of the young artist who painted the picture.
"Sarah Estelle Harper, the daughter of Jessie Theal and Duncan Small Harper, was born about 1875 in Shediac, Westmorland County, New Brunswick. Duncan S. Harper owned a shoemaking factory, with his partner Charles Webster, in the 1880s and early 1890s. Harper became ill with a disabling muscular disease in 1889, and in the mid-1890s his business was destroyed by fire. He died in 1903, leaving his wife and seven children: Mary, Winnie, Helen, Sadie (Sarah), Beatrice, Duncan DeBlois, and Dufferin.
Sadie Harper received her early education in Shediac, later studying art, English, violin, and voice at the Ladies College at Sackville, N.B. during the 1894-1895 academic year. She discontinued her formal studies, possibly due to her father's illness, and, in 1903, married educator Frank Allen of Ithaca, New York. Frank was the son of Charlotte Tuttle and the Rev. John Salter Allen, a Methodist minister who had served at Meductic, York County, N.B. where Frank was born in 1873. Frank Allen studied physics, chemistry, and Latin at the University of New Brunswick, and later earned an M.A. and a Ph.D. at Cornell University in New York.
Initially, Sadie and Frank Harper lived in Shediac, where Frank was principal of Shediac High School. In 1904, they moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba where Sadie became involved in the Fort Rouge Methodist Church, the Red Cross, and a number of other charitable organizations, and Frank became the first professor of Physics at the newly-created University of Manitoba. He chaired the Physics Department for 40 years, and produced numerous research articles. He retired from university teaching in 1944, but continued researching and writing for another 20 years. The Allen Building on the University of Manitoba campus, home of the Cyclotron Research Station, was named in his honour.
The Allens raised three children, namely, John, Lillian, and William. John F. Allen was a professor at the University of St. Andrews, William Allen became principal of the Architectural Association School of Architecture, and Lillian Allen (d. 1995) was an associate professor of Housing and Design of the University of Manitoba. Sadie Harper Allen died prematurely in October 1915, and Frank Allen died in November 1965."
This collection consists primarily of personal records of Duncan S. Harper, Sadie Harper Allen, and Frank Allen. It includes 7 diaries of Sadie Harper, covering the years 1890-1898, along with a transcription of each, as well as the original and a transcription of 22 letters written in 1912 by Sadie Harper Allen to family members while she was travelling with her husband in England (London, Manchester, Ambleside, Stratford), Scotland (Edinburgh, Glasgow), and Switzerland.
The writer offers a portrait of pre-war Britain, recording her impressions of the suffragettes, her visit to the House of Commons to hear Prime Minister Asquith, British customs, and of dignitaries attending the Imperial Universities Congress in London. There are 3 additional letters written by Sadie Allen to her family, a letter from John (Jack) Allen to Bill commenting on Sadie Allen's 1912 letters, and Aunt Nellie's account of Sadie and Frank Allen's 1912 trip to Europe, written for publication in a New Brunswick newspaper. Transcriptions of the latter 4 letters are also included.
The collection also includes the original and a transcription of the diary of Duncan Small Harper in which he records details of his 1889 European tour, made primarily in search of medical help for his debilitating muscular disease.
Lastly the collection contains a brief curriculum vitae of Frank Allen; 2 poems composed by him; Allen and Harper families genealogical information; obituary notices for both Frank and Sadie Allen; a newspaper article on Professor Frank Allen, "an inspired physicist;" and photographs of Frank Allen (1912) and Sadie Harper Allen.
The diaries and letters were transcribed by the donor, Lillian B. Allen, prior to 1977.