SOLD  Pyrography ( Flemish Art) 1905


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Flemish Art (Pyrography), Oval Plywood Board 20" X 14" with the Alphonse Mucha image of a woman burned into the surface. "Flemish 861 Art" Stamped in the back.  Also stamped by Blakely Antiques Ridgeway, Ontario.  Written in pen on the back is:  Done by Anna Poncelet Kelley about 1905 given to Sylvia Black by Daughter Anna Kelley Blakely 7/9/73.  Wire attached to nails on back.  One nail has come through to the front of the board.  Staining and scratches, please view pictures.


Pyrography was so popular in the years around 1900 that the Flemish Art Co. of Brooklyn began producing kits commercially, and “Flemish Art” became almost synonymous with the burned decoration.  The company manufactured kits with wood blanks and tools. Many of the pieces created in the years around 1900 were in the Art Nouveau style.  Generally characterized by flowing, sinuous lines and natural motifs, pyrography from this period was often decorated with flowers such as poppies and poinsettias, leaves, vines, fruit and beautiful women as depicted by Charles Dana Gibson and Alphonse Mucha .