Mary Schneider - Watercolour -Toronto Street


WaicanWaican is located in Peterborough, Ontario

Watercolour of a Toronto Street Scene by Canadian Artist Mary Schneider. Measures 12 1/4"X 8 1/4".  Had previously been glued in spots to a backing paper.  When removed the spots of glue with the old paper remained. See picture.

Born in Vilnius, Lithuania. Enrolled in Instytut Sztuki Polskies Akademii Nauk (1919). She married Roman Schneider (1935). Graduated in painting (1937). The couple was interned in work camps in Siberia during the war, but Schneider drew and sketched throughout her imprisonment. Lived in Lebenon (1945-50) before coming to Toronto, Ontario (1950). Working in oil, watercolour, acrylic, pencil, mixed media, ink, chalk and lithography, her subjects include floral still life, landscape and buildings. She also painted in Gloucester, Massachusetts. She founded the Schneider School of Fine Art in Actinolite, near Madoc, Ontario (1963), at which a number of Canadian artists, many hailing from Toronto, Montreal, and other urban centres, spent their art holidays (now known as Bridgewater Retreat). Highly involved in the Ontario arts scene, she also served as director of the Madoc Art Centre, taught at the Artists’ Workshop. Students of the Ontario College of Art and Design continue to benefit from the scholarships she established upon her death, including the Mary Schneider Juried Art and Design Award, and the Roman and Mary Schneider Foundation Scholarship.