Cobourg Ontario - Historical Lot (9 Items)


WaicanWaican is located in Peterborough, Ontario
6 Books and 2 Postcards plus handwritten music 1883 Re: Cobourg Ontario
-"Early Cobourg" by Percy Climo -1985 signed by author
-"Cobourg: A Magnificent Sacrifice" by Percy Climo - signed by author and presented to Mayor Angus Read 1986
-"Victorian Cobourg" by Petryshen 1986 hardcover
-"Cobourg 1798-1948" by Guillet 1948 - inscribed as presented to Mayor Jack Heenan 1972 - soft cover; spine damaged.
-"Cobourg Illustrated" 1996 reproduction issue
-"Sanford A. Fleming 1827-1915" by Percy Climo 1988 -rolled a bit.
-St. Peters Church & Rectory; Cobourg used and Postmarked Cobourg 1910
-"Ravensworth" Cobourg; Used and postmarked Cobourg 1920
Small handwritten music sheet.
-"Who Killed Cock Robin?" Noted: "Put to notes after hearing it sung by an English lady Elinor Stowell. Mrs. J. P. Field. Cobourg Ap. 2nd/83" Torn on a crease also small hole in center. see pictures.