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 Traditional Pink Charlevoix Coverlet With Folk Figures


PhilShadfly Folk Art Gallery and Antiques is located in Port Dover, Ontario
This coverlet is a traditional art form of the Charlevoix region of Quebec, Today one hour north/east of Quebec city by road, but in the period before the mid 60's when there was not a good road through most people came by boat. Many wealthy people including business barons, President Taft, etc. had summer homes near Murray's Bay, or La Malbaie as it is now called. Attachment #3 shows the label indicating it was sold on the Canada Steamship Lines. It is made of a weave of wool and cotton and this colour was originally produced by dying with beet juice, although I don't know how long they continued to be produced this way. This coverlet appears to be from the first quarter of the 20th cent, or possibly the second. It is in excellent condition. 6'x8'