Shadfly Folk Art Gallery and Antiques

 Heart Shaped Valentine By Garnet Macphail


PhilShadfly Folk Art Gallery and Antiques is located in Port Dover, Ontario
(1926 - 2008)
Garnet was born in the Magdelan Islands, He worked at shoe repair, farming and as a woodsman, and then from 1978 until 1987 he served as custodian at Acadia University. He began carving in 1978 following a knee operation, carving small birds which he gave to his children and grandchildren. His work is now found in collections throughout Canada and the United States, including the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. His carvings include alligators, life sized figures and spotted dogs.
This delightful valentine seems to represent an alligator...? It's open to interpretation. Signed and dated Jan15, 1996 on the back. Excellent condition. 9" x(" x 3/4" deep.