Shadfly Folk Art Gallery and Antiques

 Two Fishermen At Work By Newfoundland'S John Sharpe


PhilShadfly Folk Art Gallery and Antiques is located in Port Dover, Ontario

I really like the strength and expressiveness of John Sharpe's work. I currently have a second piece by this artist on the site which is a logger with wagon and oxen. I tried to find out about this artist and found that there is a museum in New Brunswick which has some information, but they wanted $75 to share this so I passed. Perhaps someone reading this will know about him. There can't be that many carvers in Newfoundland. This tableau of two fisherman perfectly describes his environment. One is about to gut a cod and the other is mending the nets. Great detail and energy. Carved and painted wood, glue gun, and metal. He uses the glue gun not to assemble the piece but as a medium for the eyes, etc. Signed and dated 1987 on the bottom. 16"wide, 9 1/2" deep, 14" tall