Renée's Treasure Trove

 Art Deco “Native” Desk Lamp Circa 1935


ReneesTreasureTroveRenée's Treasure Trove is located in Oakville, Ontario


                                    ART DECO “NATIVE” DESK LAMP


This 1930’s era American desk lamp has a cast metal base, it’s original pumpkin-coloured shade and a figure of a Native American drawing his bow. The lamp is in perfect working condition and has it’s original cord & plug. There are a few reddish marks on one end of the base but no breaks or damage. The wire bowstring is a replacement. All else is original. Measures in inches approx. 7 ½” high x  7” long x 5” wide. Circa 1935.


PRICE: $ 139.00  CAD