Renée's Treasure Trove

 A Trio Of Early English Brass Pots


ReneesTreasureTroveRenée's Treasure Trove is located in Oakville, Ontario
3 solid brass pots each of a different configuration. All 3 came from a collection of early brass vessels.
The smallest is pear-shaped with a flared base & a flared lip. The upper flange bears incised lines both inside & outside the lip. Approx. 3 5/8” high.
The next largest is pot-bellied with a nipped-in waist that then widens slightly toward the top before ending in incised lines below a protruding lip. The pot rests on 3 hand-shaped feet and file marks are very clearly visible around the perimeter of the base. Approx. 4 inches high.
The largest of the 3 has a flared lip with incised lines both inside & out. The neck then tapers to a saucer-like protrusion; similarly incised, before reaching a flared, raised base with an incised edge. Approx. 4 5/8” high.
All 3 are in very good condition, have good weight and date from the 1st quarter of the 1800’s.
See additional pictures below. Please note the dark marks and discolourations are only in the pictures: not on the items.