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 Cement Deer Roof Ornament From Gilbert Desrochiers Tractor


MartyMartin Osler Antiques is located in Toronto, Ontario

This piece was created by Gilbert Desrochier, initially as a free standing sculpture (please see attached j-peg which shows him standing next to it. Then later in 1989 he mounted it's shortened version to the roof of his tractor as a part of it's transformation into an arc. (also shown in attached j-peg) These images are on pages 11 and 35 of John Hartman's book the Peaceable Kingdom of Gilbert Desrochiers.
The deer is made of cement and it is fairly heavy. Notice the metal loops that were used to strap it down. It is 39" long, 37" tall, and 19" wide. I washed it a bit after taking these photos and it looks good, but you can see the paint flaking on his belly. He is solid and stands well on the base. An important piece by an important Ontario folk artist.