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SOLD  Hollow Bodied Canvasback Drake (1970'S) By Warren Meiler, Hamilton (1922 - 2012)


hintonHinton Antiques is located in Washago, Ontario

Warren Meiler was greatly influenced by Ken Anger (1905 - 1961) They were hunting buddies and friends. By the late 1960's Warren Meiler began carving his birds in the Anger fashion. Collectors seek age, form, condition and provenance. We feel that when a hunter carves gunning birds and never uses them this is as good as it gets. The Canvasback Drake we present to you is not a mantel bird. He is a hollow bodied gunning bird that have never been used and is 45+ years old. size - 16" x 7 " x 6" ( Note M brand on bottom)
*see Brisco page 179, Gates book II pages 42, 43.