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 Chasse Galerie Or "Bewitched Canoe" By Contemporary Folk Artist Michel Fortin

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The legend of the Chasse Galerie is based upon the story of a French nobleman named Gallery who loved to hunt (especially on Sunday) and failed to attend Mass. In New France this story mingled with the Indian legend of the "flying canoe" and hence the legend of the "Chasse Galerie" or "Bewitched Canoe".
This rendering is showing the return flight from the New Year's dance. They have obviously not kept their pact with the devil to have nothing to drink and the canoe is in danger of touching the tree tops.
The Chasse Galerie is a very difficult subject that only a very gifted sculptor would attempt.
Michel Fortin has produced a wonderful carving of Quebec Folk Lore in the traditional way--all parts hand carved in pine, all dowelled and pegged and covered with vivid colour and authentic looking antique surface with his signature plus date appearing on the base.
This is M. Fortin's latest version of the "Bewitched Canoe" and is in two sections that slot together to make a revolving canoe. This is great for display as well as making the two separate sections easier to pack or transport.
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Measurements -
Height - base - 10" highest point - 20"
Length - 30"
Width - (including paddles) - 17"