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 Rare Set Of Fraktur Taufzettel (Godparents' Christening Letters) For Anna Barabara Zimmerle, Baptized On September 1, 1816


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German-speaking Catholic parents traditionally chose two Godparents for each of their children. At a child's Christening the Godparents would give the child a coin wrapped in a beautifully decorated Fraktur (called a Taufzettel or Taufbrief) which could be unfolded and framed. Offered here is a rare set of both such Frakturs given to Anna Zimmerle of Canton Aargau, Switzerland. The Frakturs were found in simple, gold frames. For display purposes these framed Frakturs have been placed in a matching set of folk art frames from Waterloo County. These frames can be purchased separately, as a set, for $300.