Up the Grand Antiques

 Powerful And Effective Prayer - Fraktur Amulet - Miniature Folk Art Lords Prayer - Waterloo County - Mennonite Calligraphy


RegUp the Grand Antiques is located in Grand River Valley, Ontario

Miniature Lord’s Prayer Fraktur, framed within a border designed in the shape of a shield.  The unmistakable symbolism is that this prayer will serve as a “Spiritual Shield” to protect the carrier from harm.  Note the image of the cross following the end of the prayer.  It was believed that the cross charged the prayer with spiritual power.  The user must be a righteous Christian in order for the prayer to be effective.  The previous owner attached the prayer to a cardboard backing.  It is glued only at the top .  The Fraktur measures approximately 1" X 1 1/4".