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 Pennsylvania German Mennonite Sampler Or Show Towel Panel, Reesor Family, York County Ontario


RegUp the Grand Antiques is located in Grand River Valley, Ontario

Alphabet sampler or show towel panel made for, and possibly by, Susanna Reesor (1839-1926) of Cedar Grove, York County, Ontario.  As found. Please review photos for condition.  Clearly, some parts are worn away.  But it may not have been completed originally.  For example, the alphabet letters at the top stop at "P".  The central motif is a heart surrounded by remnants of the following letters: OEHBDDE (O Edel Hertz, Bedenk Dein End / O Noble Heart, Ponder Your Death).   Probably this the most important motif for Pennsylvania German Mennonites. In the rare out of print book on Pennsylvania German show towels and samplers titled: "THIS IS HOW I PASS MY TIME" author Ellen Gehret states on page 205: "THE DESIGN THAT STANDS OUT ABOVE ALL OTHERS AMONG RELIGIOUS SYMBOLS AND PROVOKES COMMENT, MOST OFTEN FEATURES A HEART IN THE CENTER........SURROUNDING THE WHOLE IN EITHER A CLOCKWISE OR COUNTERCLOCKWISE DIRECTION ARE THE INITIALS OEHBDDE (or variation) representing the important German words, which when translated read, O NOBLE HEART CONSIDER YOUR END".