Up the Grand Antiques

 Pennsylvania German Cyphering Folio, Containing Fraktur Drawings, By Waterloo County Pioneer Johannes Schupp (John Shupe), 1821


RegUp the Grand Antiques is located in Grand River Valley, Ontario

4-page cyphering folio by Waterloo County pioneer Johannes Schupp, whose Anglicized named was John Shupe. John was born on October 5, 1784, in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. He died on April 15, 1861, in Waterloo County, Ontario. In 1801 he emigrated with his parents to Waterloo and settled at Freeport. This cyphering folio is thought to have been written on the empty front pages of a Martyrs Mirror and later removed. The Fraktur drawings in it are reminiscent of sampler patterns.