Up the Grand Antiques

 Original Woodcut Engraving Of Ontario Ojibwa / Ojibwe Chiefs On The Occasion Of Their Audience With Lord Elgin In Montreal, 1849


RegUp the Grand Antiques is located in Grand River Valley, Ontario
Early engraving, rich in ethnographic detail. The subjects are three Ojibwa / Ojibwe chiefs from Garden River near Sault St. Marie on the occasion of their visit to Montreal in 1849 to persuade Lord Elgin to protect their Aboriginal rights. Their names are Shingwaukonse (Little Pine), Nebenagoching (The Eclipse) and Menissinowenninne (Great Warrior). The engraving was published on the cover of the London Illustrated News on September 15, 1849. Measures approximately 9 1/2" X 9 1/2" framed.