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 Old Order Mennonite Fraktur Calligraphy Sheet (Prob-Schrift) By Orvie Shantz - Waterloo County -


RegUp the Grand Antiques is located in Grand River Valley, Ontario

When an Old Order Mennonite couple marries, they are given a large family Bible containing empty genealogical forms in which they are supposed to enter family history records.  Fraktur artist Isaac Z. Hunsicker (1803-1870) filled in virtually all these forms in Waterloo County during his lifetime.  After Hunsicker's death in 1870 his students carried on this tradition.  A unique characteristic of Hunsicker's calligraphic style was the use of a reverse-italic fraktur font.  Offered for sale here is a calligraphic practice sheet (Prob-Schrift) made by one of Hunsicker's students, Orvie Shantz, incorporating Hunsicker's reverse-italic font.  It is offered as-found in its original frame.  On the back is written the following information: "Orvie Shantz practice sheet property of Irene Dernesch."  Dernesch was an antique dealer / collector who lived in St. Jacobs, Ontario.  Measures approximately 11 1/4 X 13 1/2 framed.