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 A Letter Written By God Himself (Himmelsbrief) - Believed To Have Been Printed At The St Jacobs Printery For Moses Reist - C1910


RegUp the Grand Antiques is located in Grand River Valley, Ontario
Pennsylvania Germans believed that Letters from Heaven (called Himmelsbriefe in German) were textual amulets that would protect their homes and farm building from Acts of God, particularly strikes of lightning. They were particularly popular among Amish and Mennonites because these people were prohibited by church leaders from installing lightning rods and consequently they relied on Letters from Heaven as a subsitute for lightning rods. This particular Letter from Heaven was purchased in Waterloo County. It is believed to have been printed at the St. Jacobs printery for Moses Reist about 1910. Measures approximately 11" X 7". The frame in which this Letter from Heaven is photographed is not included in the price. It has been used for display purposes only. But it can be purchased separately.