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 Fraktur Birth And Baptismal Certificate - Form Designed By, & Printed For, Friederich Krebs (C. 1749-1815) Who Hand Decorated It


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This highly collectable Krebs Geburts-und-Tauf-Schein (Birth and Baptismal Certificate) was made for Elisabetha Patt, of Berks County, Pennsylvania, in 1791. The form was designed by Friederich Krebs, and printed for him by Johann Ritter of Reading, Pennsylvania in the late 18th century. This design was later copied by other printers. The infill and hand decoration was also done by Friederich Krebs. Krebs' initials appear at the bottom of the large, central heart. Krebs came to America from Germany as a member of the Hessian troops who fought for the British during the American Revolution. From 1790 until his death in 1815 he worked as a Lutheran schoolmaster in and around Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The Fraktur appears to have always been framed because it has no visible paper loss, fold marks or even crease lines. It may have been reframed in 1894, because that date is written in pencil on the paper and the present frame dates from the late 19th century. Measures approximately 16" X 13 3/4" framed. I have not examined it outside of the frame.