Up the Grand Antiques

 Advertisement For M.C. Cressman'S Dry Goods, B00ks And Stationery Store - A Mennonite Business Founded In Berlin, Ontario, 1892


RegUp the Grand Antiques is located in Grand River Valley, Ontario
Advertisement for M.C. Cressman's Dry Goods store in Berlin, Ontario, printed in Montreal by J.C. Wilson and mounted in original oak frame. The advertisement describes Cressman as an "Agent for Dr. Peter Fahrney's Medicines, Alpen Kraeuter, Blut-Belcher, Heil Oel, etc." Peter Fahrney had been born in Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania. He eventually traveled to Chambersburg, Pa., where he practiced medicine and developed his Blood Vitalizer. He then relocated to Washington Co., Maryland. The business was nearly destroyed during the Civil War. At that time, the business relocated to Chicago, Illinois, where it survived the Great Chicago Fire in 1871 and the factory was rebuilt shortly thereafter. Measures approximately 15" X 16" unframed and 18 1/4" X 19 1/2" framed.