Croydon House

SOLD  Native Mask Sculpture By Harold Pfeiffer


A native mask sculpture in plaster by one of Canada's most respected sculptors - Harold Pfeiffer 1908 - 1997. Pfeiffer studied under the Belgian sculptor Jan Bailleul at l'École des Beaux-Arts, where he met the ethnologist Marius Barbeau who encouraged his interest in Québec and Indian arts and crafts. Pfeiffer furthered his education visiting the museums of Great Britain and Europe 1931-1932 and again in 1934. In 1931, he worked at the Manoir Richelieu, modelling Indian masks which were sold in the gift shop. This piece is likely from that period. More information on Pfeiffer can be found at or at the web site.
Height of the piece is 7". On the back he has inscribed Bella Bella tribe British Columbia Canada and signed it with his name. The original price of $4.00 also shows in what appears to be crayon.