Colin Paul

 Very Rare Large French Lay Model Figure Mid Nineteenth Century

This incredible Lay model or figure was found in a bookstore basement in Hamilton Ontario, in the early 1970's, and has been in a private collection until now. Retaining it's original finish and cast iron /wood stand , this finely carved, wooden pegged, fully articulated wooden figure would have been used in the mid nineteenth century as an artists studio model. Of an unusually large size, this figure is in good working condition, but being over 150 years old, there is some wear and light damage, including a small ( .25 inch x .25 inch ) piece missing along the edge of the right shoulder where the shoulder ball joint is. Additionally, two halves of the two elbow joints have been replaced at some point (although this was done very well, and pegged as the original was) with some rough edges along these joints. These figures are very hard to find, and are highly coveted by serious collectors worldwide. 


H : 39 inches ( stand adds 2 inches to overall height) 

W : 11 inches ( at widest )

D :  6  inches ( at deepest ) 



H : 2 inches 

W : 11.5 inches

D : 17 inches