Colin Paul

SOLD  Very Rare And Hard To Find Late 19th Or Early 20th Century Westray Orkney Island Ladies Chair W/Original Straw Woven Back


A very rare and hard to find ( especially on these shores !) Westray Orkney Island ladies arm chair. Constructed of driftwood ( no natural timber grows on the island ) with a remarkably intact woven straw back with fantastic patina, this chair was likely manufactured by R.M Kirkness, and features the earlier solid wood seat which dates it from the late 19th or very early 20th century. Known as the poor man's chair ( as they were locally manufactured by those who couldn't afford to import furniture ), the Orkney island chair was designed to sit low to the ground with a high shrouding back in order to avoid the smoke from early open peat fires. These uniquely designed chairs have become increasingly popular with collectors and designers over the last few years, and many now sell for significant amounts at european auctions and designer boutiques.
Height : 32 inches
Weidth ( at widest ) : 21 inches
Depth : 20 inches