Cheviot Treasures

 Vintage Nautical Binnacle Compass


Cheviot TreasuresCheviot Treasures is located in Oakville, Ontario


A brass and copper binnacle compass with a kerosene-fueled lamp attachment for illumination. The compass is signed “SESTREL” which is a trade name of Henry Browne & Son, formerly of Station Works, Wakering Rd., Barking, Essex, England--important British makers of fine quality instruments. The compass card with cardinal points is set in liquid on a gimballed support. Measures approx. 10 inches high. There is some crimping to the lower rim of the bezel and a few minor dents to the helmut but otherwise is in full working condition and complete. The serial number on the compass card reads “B4/1856IL/53”. Mid 20th century.

PRICE: $385.00