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SOLD  Very Early Amish Hanging Salt Box


Cheviot TreasuresCheviot Treasures is located in Oakville, Ontario

                           VERY EARLY AMISH HANGING SALT BOX


A late 18th century/early 19th century  hanging salt box picked from an Amish farmhouse about 15 miles North West of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in the 1960’s. Consists entirely of 6 thick boards with the backboard shaped in the Queen Anne manner. The sides cant in half an inch from back to front. The lid is dowelled into the sides at the rear & moves easily. The rear of the lid is chamfered and seals off the interior very precisely. The crest has it’s original hole for hanging. Originally the lid had a continuing extension in the middle of the front to lift open the top but that has long been chipped  away by frequent use and been replaced by a square nail as a lift. The surface feels like it may have been waxed at some point. All else is original. Measures, in inches, approx. 14” H. (at rear) x 7 ¾” D. x 8 ¾” W. (rear) and 8 ¼” W. (front).