Cheviot Treasures

 Germanic Folk Carved Distaff/18th Century


Cheviot TreasuresCheviot Treasures is located in Oakville, Ontario
A hand-carved distaff with Germanic chip-carved decorations of whirling suns & compass stars with zig-zag borders & with 6 cut-through open slots. The top terminates in a rounded protuberance; also carved. The sides are deeply notched to hold the flax.
The stalk is plain, spoke-shaved to a roughly round shape and ends in a rounded point. There is a curve or warp to the lower end of the stalk. The opposite side of the distaff is uncarved. Has a good aged patina overall. There are a couple of age cracks & a gouge near the top but overall in very good and usable condition. It is made of pine & carved from a single piece of wood.
Collected in South Western Ontario but almost certainly of European origin. This flattened style was popular in Europe from about 1700 and this one dates circa 1750-1800. Approx. 41 inches in length. See George Neumann’s “Early American Country Furnishings” P. 307 Plate #1349 and P. 305 Plate # 1341 for examples of this form.