Cheviot Treasures

 Folk Art Peacock By Gaspe Folk Artist Miguel Normand


Cheviot TreasuresCheviot Treasures is located in Oakville, Ontario
A wood & metal folk art sculpture of a peacock by Miguel Normand (1921-2001) of Cap-Aux-Os, Gaspesie, Quebec. This birdie has an elongated black body ending in a round stump out of which 15 curved wires rise; each supporting multiple oval wood blocks, painted in combinations of red, blue, white, brown & grey. His crown & beak are red and his eyes are 3 concentric circles of black, white and red. His metal legs pierce a round wooden stand painted grey. Hand carved & hand painted. The base is signed underneath: “MIGUEL NORMAND/GASPE REGION/QUEBEC”. This peacock is approx. 12 inches tall by 10 inches in depth & 12 inches wide. C. 1990.