Cheviot Treasures

 Antique Decorative Forged Iron & Copper Ladle


Cheviot TreasuresCheviot Treasures is located in Oakville, Ontario


A small, decorative ladle consisting of a hand-wrought forged iron handle affixed to a shaped copper bowl with a rivet and a V-shaped fire-forged join underneath. The bowl has a slight indentation on each side for poring.

The handle has flattened portions with evident file marks alternating with round areas, a twist just above the bowl and a serpent-shaped finial for hanging. A previous owner has varnished the ladle, presumably to arrest corrosion, but you can remove this with steel wool if you prefer. Otherwise the condition is excellent. Dates 1780-1840 and is approx. 11 inches in length.

Reference: G. Neumann’s “Antique Country Furnishings” P. 207. Plate 906.


PRICE: $75.00