Cheviot Isle Antiques

 Set Of Vintage Nesting Litho Boxes


CheviotIsleAntiquesCheviot Isle Antiques is located in Oakville, Ontario


A set of 8 stackable child’s blocks with lithographic images on all 4 sides and the top; many  based on the artwork of Lungers Hausen and made in the Republic of Germany in the 1940’s by Herrman Eichhorn Spielwarenfabrik who were located at 8344 Egglham, Germany. The bottom is hollow so the blocks can be nested. The smallest fits into the next size up and so on until you’re left with one large block. Each block has 5 images and the blocks are in great shape for their age with bright colourful images including fairy tale scenes like Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty  etc. The largest and the smallest one however each show some wear but nothing significant. See pictures. All are mounted on wooden frames covered in red paper with the litho applied on top. 

The smallest block bears the logo V over W (or vice versa) in each corner and measures approx. 2.375 inches square. The largest is approx. 7.975 inches square. The block with Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf is marked Lungers Hausen at bottom left.

PRICE: $ 115.00   CAD