Cheviot Isle Antiques

 A Hand-Wrought Forged Iron Flesh Fork


CheviotIsleAntiquesCheviot Isle Antiques is located in Oakville, Ontario
A  hand-wrought forged iron flesh fork with an extensive wiggle-work pattern on the handle consisting of undulating circles with a pattern inside each of something like a tree or branch and at the top, above the circles is what could be a wheat sheaf. A lot of this will be hard to discern from the photographs.
At the end of the handle is a key-hole shaped opening for hanging the fork. On the back of the handle is a depression that could be a maker's mark. Measures approx. 11.25 inches in length. Finished in "bright metal" by a whitesmith and dates circa 1760-1820. Found in Waterloo County.
PRICE: $85.00 CAD