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CheviotIsleAntiquesCheviot Isle Antiques is located in Oakville, Ontario
Elaborately hand carved in Late Empire/Rococo fashion w/ volutes, cord & tassel motif, a compass wheel, trefoils, fans, etc. Note carving on sides too. Pine with front panel rabbetted, remainder butt-joined. Boards are hand-planed. Small finishing nails. Brass box lock. Small brass hinges. Old and completely original red stain. 4 interior compartments. Late 1800's.
A few condition issues. Lid has a very slight outward warp but looks good overall. The top half of the wild volute on the upper right hand corner of the gallery has been glued back on at some point but is stable and finally there are small rectangular marks on each end of the upper shelf suggesting it might have once had tiny little end blocks glued there at one time.
Found north of Stratford, Ont.  Measures in inches approx. 9.5 H. x 16.0 W. x 11.5 D.
Price $265.00