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 Early Country Milking Stool


CheviotIsleAntiquesCheviot Isle Antiques is located in Oakville, Ontario

                              EARLY COUNTRY MILKING STOOL

A marvellous little South Western Ontario painted milking stool wearing its original coat of now-alligatored black paint. Ingenuously constructed without nails using mortise and tenon construction throughout with through tenons visible on the top and all 3 legs. These tenon joints are further reinforced by splines to keep them tight. The legs are rounded on the outer surfaces and flat at the rear. Paint loss is minimal and largely confined to the outer rim of the top and edge of the legs.

Underneath the braces cross through one another in a complex pattern of joinery that belies the term “primitive”. A previous owner has covered the surfaces with a coat of gloss varnish, no doubt to protect the paint, which you can choose to dumb-down with fine steel wool or leave as is.

The stool measures 9 inches high by 8 inches in circumference. Would date to the early part of the 20th century.

PRICE: $95.00 CAD