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 Portrait Of A Period/William Notman Photographs


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An excellent hard cover book first edition book containing 174 photographs by the noted Canadian photographer, William Notman. Printed in 1967 and edited by J. Russell Harper & Stanley Triggs and signed by the former.

Large folio (approx. 14.25 inches x 11 inches) of black and white photographs from 1856 to 1915 featuring notable Canadian figures, Indians on reserves, towns and cities, the building of the railroad, rural scenes a few composite photographs, etc. There are 2 fold-out photos, one of which is in colour; the only colour in the book.

Condition: The dust cover is in reasonable condition with some evidence of wear but no major tears. The hardcover of brown cloth boards is in beautiful condition with gilt letters on the spine. The inside is very clean with only one small brown spot on one page that shows through to one other. A few smudges below a few photos but on the white part of the page and not on the photo itself and may have been part of the printing process. In addition there is a dedication in ink dated 1972 when book was gifted. Overall exceptionally clean and little used.

A great depiction of Canada in the early formative years by a renowned photographer.

PRICE: $ 65.00 CAD