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 Antique Victorian Urn. C.F. Monroe Glass Co.


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                        ANTIQUE VICTORIAN URN. C.F. MONROE GLASS CO.

A finely detailed Victorian era urn consisting of upper & lower metal forms embossed with images. I believe the central opal-glass portions are the product of the C. F. Monroe Glass Co. of Meriden, Conn. (1892-1916) based on patterns known to be used by this company. The transfer pattern features hand-painted blue petals and green leaves. The casting of the metal portions is well-defined with a cherub on the handle and a cherub mask under the spout. Brass bands separate the opal glass sections from the upper & lower metal castings. The lower metal base appears to have been thoroughly cleaned while the upper section has faint indications it may once have been painted gilt. The highest point to the top of the cherubs head is approx. 13 inches. The urn is in great condition and there are no dents to the body and no cracks or chips to the glass. Dates from the 1890’s.

PRICE: $135.00  CAD