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SOLD  Wick Pick Early American Lighting Accessory Circa 1820


hammiWendy Hamilton Antiques is located in Collingwood, Ontario

Wick Pick Early American Lighting Accessory Circa 1820

The tubes of whale oil burners have small slots above the burner plate, and sometimes below, to permit adjustment of the wick by means of a wick pick. It consists of a small wire mounted in a handle, usually wood, and stored in a matching base." Wick picks were also used to pick charred bits from wicks, and to pick-up drooping wicks; facilitating a bright flame for increased light.

Wick Pick

In two sections: the top lifts off from the turned base and has a steel wick pick set into it.

Approximate Dimensions: Height 2 1\2"   Diameter of base 3/4".

Condition: As found, no damage or repairs evident. See photos

Reference: Early lighting A Pictorial Guide Published by the Rushlight Club, page 119 figure 13-15