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SOLD  Early To Mid 18th Century Forged Iron Table Rushlight On Half Round Wooden Base


hammiWendy Hamilton Antiques is located in Collingwood, Ontario

Early to mid 18th Century Forged Iron Table Rushlight on half round wooden base

The rush, sometimes called the 'poor man's candle' was made from the common meadow rush. The peeled stripped rush was dipped in tallow and when dry burned in the holder’s jaws at a 45 degree angle. 

This table top rushlight holder is blacksmith made with a turned wooden base and a ‘jaw’ to hold the rush (see photo). It has a counterweight which would have been used to douse the burning rush or hold a candle.

 Reference: Caspall, 'Making Fire & Light in the Home Pre 1820' p.182-184

Approximate Dimensions: Height 11", Diameter of base 3 3/4"

Condition: As found. No damage or repairs evident.